The rescue project operates in three different areas:

1- Victims of human trafficking

There exists an organized network of human trafficking in sexual exploitation and exploitation of labour. Many women and some men are brought to Europe with false employment promises. Instead then they are forced into prostitution or to promote the black market, exploitation by illegal employment and social exclusion. The victims of those human traffickers are trapped in “private prisons”, unable to just quit because they usually get deprived of their passports.

2- Prostitution

For women who have prostituted themselves to survive and now want to get out and return to their homeland to live a decent life. Projekt Resgate provides full assistance in departure, transit and reintegration.

3- Economically disadvantaged

(living below the poverty line)

Refugees from outside of Europe cannot work for various legal reasons. They live in total poverty or are ill and therefore easy victims of human trafficking. In such cases, Projekt Resgate is as well financially supported by international organizations. Projekt Resgate helps these people in their reintegration into their home country.