How we help

Projekt Resgate helps people who are victims of human trafficking, sexual or economic exploitation. Projekt Resgate helps with the return journey and reintegration into their home country.

What we offer

Temporary emergency shelter for people in exploitation situations, medical and psychological care, legal advice and support for bureaucratic procedures for a return trip home.

Find your way back home!

Projekt Resgate together with partner organizations provide an emergency aid network in several countries.

Human trafficking is a reality

Projekt Resgate was founded 2006 in Zürich, (Switzerland) to rescue
Brazilian women, who were brought to Switzerland
for the purpose of sexual exploitation as well as women who were
emotionally and physically abused.

Partners Testimonials


Caritas International Belgium

For the past 10 years we (Caritas International Belgium) have been working with Projeto Resgate in the area of Voluntary Return and Reintegration. The services provided by Projeto Resgate’s social workers are of immense value, because they provide a warm and human support to Brazilians who return to their home country after a difficult or problematic stay abroad. Besides these social qualities, Projeto Resgate’s professionalism makes it our preferred partner in Brazil.

Jolien Visscher

International Organization for Migration

Projekt Resgate has been one of the main partners of IOM Brazil in recent years in its voluntary return and reintegration programs. The organization is one of the most qualified and experienced to deal with this public of returnees (and victims of human trafficking, especially), with an emphasis on its performance in the state of Goiás. We received many positive feedbacks from our beneficiaries served by Projekt Resgate, despite the natural difficulties of the reintegration process after returning. We hope to continue strengthening this partnership as the issue of migration and return gains more attention.

Guilherme Otero

Service Social International

I have been cooperating with Resgate for years now and they really show motivation in willing to help vulnerable people to reintegrate in their country of return. Their network is present all around Brasil, which is very important for a territory as big as Brazil. Proximity to the returnee is definitely important in the implementation process.

Michèle Demierre

There is a way out of sexual exploitation

What we have achived so far

Because life is priceless

More than 1000 people were returned and re-integrated into the society in their homeland

Projekt Resgate is active in almost 30 countries

More than 2 million Swiss francs are invested in integration programs alone

Operating Expenses 2019

We are constantly working to keep our administrational costs low. In 2019 we spent 80 percent of our total operating costs on re-integrating programs to the benefit of women and men who were sexually exploited or forced workers

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